ampr fyi: we’ll always have paris

August 20th, 2010

This week’s AMPR FYI comes from Alice Marshall, intrepid traveler and this company’s eponymous leader.

Just returned from a whirlwind trip to the City of Lights, Ms. Marshall shares with us her Top Ten Reasons to Love Paris. Dust off your beret, switch on the soundtrack to Amélie and prepare for a refreshing dose of je ne sais quoi…

Alice - Paris

1. Bread tastes like bread.

2. Fruit smells like fruit.

3. NO ONE is on a Blackberry or cell phone on the streets or in restaurants. No one is speaking or typing on them, they are not sitting out on the table, and they are not even hidden in laps for “discreetly” answering emails under napkins or tablecloths. 

4. Pretty courtyards are everywhere and perfect for peeking into as you stroll by (while not typing on your Blackberry!)

5. You hear the chiming of church bells and the cooing of pigeons (pigeons are okay in Paris) not the honking of taxi cabs or the obnoxious sirens of fire trucks.

6. Water is sold in biodegradable cardboard cartons instead of plastic bottles, very smart! (Okay, you can still get it in a bottle but the boxes are more fun.)Aquapax Carton

7. Honor bars DO still exist in big cities. The gorgeous hotel, Pavillon de la Reine, has a particularly lovely one.

8. Where else can you stumble upon a piano performance in a 12th Century church? I listened to a magical recital of Chopin and Liszt at St. Julien le Pauvre – the oldest and smallest church in Paris.

9. Window shopping along Rue Charlot, which is lined with a cool mix of stores. You’ll find fine French lace underwear next door to sumptuous three-piece leather suits.

10. And the best thing about a trip to Paris is that there are no calories in a French croissant – mais bien sûr!

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