castles made of sand

August 17th, 2010

I’m sure everyone can make a pretty standard sand castle.  Fill the pail with moist sand, flip, and voila!  However, have you ever tried to build massive sand flip flips, or perhaps a VW bug made completely of sand?  All have been done during The Annual Nantucket Sandcastle & Sculpture Day, which will take place on this Saturday, August 21 at Jetties Beach on Nantucket.

Starting at noon, teams must use their creativity and whatever tools possible (biodegradable items suggested!) to build an impressive sand masterpiece.  The judges, professional artists from the faculty of the Nantucket Island School of Design, will review all creations based on creativity, concept and design and award ribbons to those that excelled.

How much for this amazing day on the beach?  Just $10/person to participate, and free for all spectators!  For more information, call the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce at 508 228 1700.Sandcastle-Page.crowded-bea

Photo courtesy of NICC website.

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