PONANT Launches Festive New Voyages in the Arctic Circle for the Winter 2024-25 Season

November 3rd, 2023

Winter is coming! In honor of the festive season, PONANT has designed seven unforgettable voyages in the snowglobe-like worlds of Lapland, the Gulf of Bothnia, and the Baltic Sea to launch during the Winter 2024-25 season. Activities will immerse guests in the frozen beauty of these northern landscapes while setting the festive mood: reindeer-pulled sleigh rides, ice-fishing, Scandinavian Christmas markets, and glimpses of the Northern Lights are among the highlights of these seasonal itineraries.

From the Northern Lights to the Polar Light

This all-new 12-day PONANT journey navigates along the jagged coastlines of Norway to the ice-covered reliefs of Spitsbergen in search of the exhilarating spectacle of the Northern Lights. In Lapland, guests will have the opportunity to meet people from the Sami nation, one of the last European Indigenous people. As travelers take photos of the dancing night skies, VIP guest Ian Dawson, a British Photo Ambassador, will share tips and tricks for getting the perfect shot.

One departure in 2024; from October 18-29. More on the voyage HERE.

Polar Lights: From North Cape to the Lofoten Islands

Dramatic fjords, dolomite cliffs, traditional fishing villages, boreal forests, snow-covered peaks, viewings of reindeer and seabirds — this and more is a part of the experience during this 10-day Polar Nights voyage starting in Lakselv and journeying all the way up to the North Cape, the northernmost point of Europe. VIP guest Ian Dawson, a British Photo Ambassador, will share his tips for getting the perfect shot of the frozen scenery and the Northern Lights. One departure in 2024; from October 29 to November 7. More on the voyage HERE.

Scandinavian Wonderland & Christmas Markets

This brand-new 10-day itinerary whisks guests to the most enchanting cities along the Baltic Sea, including Stockholm, Gotland, Gdansk, and Helsinki. It’s a magical time to visit, with snow-dusted scenery and the smells of mulled wine, cinnamon, and gingerbread drifting through Christmas markets. Other activities include marveling at gothic and baroque architecture, attending a private concert at the Polish Baltic F. Chopin Philharmonic, and exploring the old town of Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Two departures in 2024; from December 2-11 and December 11-20. More on the voyage HERE.

Christmas Magic with Renaud Capuçon

On this nine-day trip itinerary, musician Renaud Capuçon and radio presenter Alain Duault will team up with Radio Classique to provide the soundtrack for a one-of-a-kind journey through

Scandinavian cities, little-known archipelagos, snow-capped peaks, and boreal forests in Finland, Stockholm, and the north of the Gulf of Bothnia. Activities might include dog sledding, ice fishing, Christmas markets, and a visit to the Santa Claus Village of Rovaniemi. One departure in 2024; from December 20-28. More on the voyage HERE.

Musical New Year in the Gulf of Bothnia

Also in partnership with Radio Classique, this nine-day New Year expedition will sail around the Gulf of Bothnia and the Scandinavian region, with visits to the fairytale towns of Rauma, the church-town of Gammelstad, and the neoclassical city of Oulu. A highlight is embarking to  the High Coast archipelago—a UNESCO World Heritage Site—and an unforgettable journey among the skerries of the Stockholm archipelago, with an overnight stay opposite the bright lights of the old town. One departure in 2024; from December 28 to January 5, 2025. More on the voyage HERE.



PONANT’s “Explore to Inspire” mission is centered around exploration to better understand, learn, share and protect. For more than 35 years, PONANT has been committed to more responsible tourism and voyages of exploration which have meaning. The French-flagged fleet comprises 13 small capacity ships equipped with state of the art environmentally friendly equipment. With PONANT, exploration is refined, authentic and a source of inspiration. The company sails to the Arctic and the Antarctic as well as in the Atlantic and North Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, Red Sea and the Indian Ocean, Asia, Oceania and South Pacific, the Caribbean, North, Central and South America. For more information, visit  https://us.ponant.com or call 1-844-747-2873 or contact your travel advisor.

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