EYOS Announces New Heli-skiing Expedition with U.S. Olympian Bode Miller

October 6th, 2022

No longer is heli-skiing offered exclusively at prominent ski resorts and backcountry lodges. Now, EYOS is elevating the thrilling sport to new heights by offering heli-skiing expeditions to the farthest reaches of the polar regions—from the towering fjords of Greenland, the unclimbed summits of Antarctica, and the mountains in Crete, Greece.

On April 23-30, 2023, US Olympic alpine ski racer Bode Miller will join EYOS on a “slope-to-sea” heli-skiing adventure in Greenland aboard the MV Nansen Explorer (seven nights €60,000 per cabin / per week all inclusive). Travelers can book individual cabins on the yacht, making the exclusive voyage more accessible than ever before.

Miller is the most decorated male alpine skier in U.S. history, and the only skier with five or more victories in four different disciplines: giant slalom, combined, super-G, and downhill. He will be joined by ski guide and two-time World Extreme Skiing Champion Chris Davenport and polar guide Doug Stoup, who’s skied the seven continents, been to the South Pole 18 times, and pioneered skiing in Antarctica.

Says Ben Lyons, CEO of EYOS: “The opportunity now to have Bode, Chris, and Doug onboard makes for an unbelievable combination.”

Originally designed as an Arctic research vessel, the 12-guest MV Nansen Explorer is specifically equipped for polar waters, with an ice-strengthened hull and a commercially certified heli deck that makes for the ideal launch pad for heli-skiing adventures. Because of the vessel’s ice-breaking power, it’s possible to reach Greenland in time for early spring, weeks before other vessels.

“The highlight of our expeditions to Greenland is being in true wilderness so early in the season. The ice has just opened up, the landscape is still white. We’re the only yacht up here—and as well as the amazing skiing, snowboarding, and landscapes—we pretty much have the whole place to ourselves,” says Tim Soper, co-founder of EYOS.

The expedition will take adventure lovers to the island of Maniitsoq on the western coast of Greenland, widely considered one of the most remote places in the world to heli-ski, where it’s possible to ski from slope to sea. The ship will cover 150 miles beyond the Arctic Circle to Disko Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site home to some of the largest icebergs in the world. Days will be filled with deep powder runs—some stretching more than a mile—on the narrow fjords down to the water’s edge. Bode Miller, Chris Davenport, Doug Stoup and EYOS’ expert team of internationally certified mountain guides will guide guests as they navigate crevasses and knife-edge ridge tops, helping them find the best runs for their level.

When guests aren’t skiing the glaciated landscape—80 percent of which has never been skied before—they’ll have the chance to interact with the local Greenlanders and fishermen, as well as try their hand at sled dog excursions and visit colorful small towns.

About EYOS

Founded in 2008, EYOS is the world leader in private superyacht expeditions charters. Specializing in bespoke itineraries that take travelers to the most remote and culturally rich parts of the world, EYOS operates across all seven continents. They hold several world records and world ‘firsts,’ such as the furthest south that any vessel has ever reached in history, and the first commercial expedition to the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the ocean seen by fewer humans than the International Space Station. In 2019, EYOS pioneered the first ever “single cabin” departures allowing travelers to book individual cabins on a superyacht. All journeys are guided by a team of experts with decades of experience.

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