Nayara Hangaroa on Easter Island Opens September 15th!

September 15th, 2022

After a two-and-a-half-year closure

Nayara Resorts will finally open Nayara Hangaroa on September 15! The hotel joined the Nayara portfolio during its two-year Covid closure so this will be the first time it is open and operating as Nayara Hangaroa.


Due to its extremely remote locale, Easter Island has been incredibly strict throughout Covid to protect its population. The island officially reopened in August and is ready to welcome visitors. There are currently three flights per week from mainland Chile and LATAM is planning to add more starting in January 2023.


Nayara Hangaroa is the perfect home base to explore the island – from guided tours to Ahu Tongariki for the best photo opps on the island (with the 15 moai making up an iconic view) to solo ATVing discovering secret caves and remote beaches to catching the sunrise over the moai before checking out and heading to the airport. Guests who book the combination of both Nayara Hangaroa and Nayara Alto Atacama (in Chile’s Atacama Desert) get a 15% discount.


What’s happening on the island?
The Tapati Festival is the biggest party of the year on Easter Island and is tentatively planned for February 1 to 15, 2023. The festival began in the 1970s as a way of maintaining and promoting the Rapa Nui culture among the islanders, particularly fostering a sense of identity among the children. The festival comprises dancing and singing competitions, sporting events like swimming, canoeing, and horse racing, and crowning a Queen of the Tapati for that year. One highlight is the Haka Pei competition which involves sliding down the island’s steepest slope on banana trunks.
More about Nayara Hangaroa…
Guests at the 75-room property are immersed in the culture of the island and have at their fingertips unforgettable experiences like sunset over the moai in Tahai and hiking Ara O Te Ao, one of the oldest paths on the island leading to a massive crater. The hotel is in a prime location just a five-minute walk from the town of Rapa Nui, allowing travelers seamless connection with the local community.
The design of Nayara Hangaroa was inspired by the history of the island, particularly the ancient Orongo stone village. This is central to the Rapa Nui culture and history and is where the birdman cult took place and where the ancient Rapa Nui chose their next king. The architecture blends in with the environment through its grass roofs and colors and textures of the island. Standout designs include the reception area modeled after the old houses that were made with boats, the wooden pillars seen throughout the hotel made of cypresses brought from the south of Chile, and the handcrafted items in the rooms such as the one-piece clay bathtubs made in large ovens and the hand-carved vanities.


Food & Beverage

The two restaurants on property – Poerava and Kaloa – and Vaikoa, the pool bar, all offer recipes using locally caught fish seasoned with Polynesian spices, with the ceviche being particularly popular.

  • Poevara is the main dining experience with an airy inside and a large outdoor terrace with ocean views.
  • Kaloa is a minimalist lounge with large banquette seating, comfortable pillows, and sunset views. Popular with guests and locals for creative cocktails and the freshest local seafood.
  • Vaikoa is the main bar by the pool specializing in cold dishes and refreshing drinks.



The 75 rooms are the most spacious on the island and have been designed by Chilean interior designer Paula Gutiérrez showcasing locally made handicrafts and made to exude the magical energy of the island. The design team eschewed sharp angles and opted for mostly rounded edges – recommended for a better night’s rest. The rooms prioritize natural light and natural materials such as cypress logs lining the ceilings, clay soaking tubs, and volcanic stones framing the bed and bathroom. To intensify the sense of disconnection and the wonder of Rapa Nui, the rooms intentionally lack televisions.



Embracing Polynesian culture, Spa Manavai seeks to heal the body and spirit. The enriching therapies, massages, and treatments are all based on natural products from the island aimed at creating a deep relaxation, enriching the soul, mind and body.



Being a guest at Nayara Hangaroa means taking in the island and immersion into its wonder and ancient history, especially, but not limited to, the awe-inspiring moai dotting the island. The majority of the hotel’s guides are local Rapa Nui people who are well versed in the history and culture of the island.

  • Visit Ahu Tongariki for the best photo opps on the island and to see the 15 moai that make up one of the island’s most iconic views.
  • One of the oldest paths on the island, Ara O Te Ao, leads to the Rano Kau lookout point, the island’s largest crater, and onto Orongo, the ancient ceremonial village.
  • See the moai at Ahu Akivi – the only moai on the island that look out across the sea (all the others have their backs to the ocean).
  • Get the full spectrum by catching the sunrise at Tongariki and the sunset at Tahai.
  • Experience the sea by sailing between the three islets in front of the Rano Kau cliff, known locally as the Motu Nui and known for its concentration of marine birdlife.
  • Traverse the island on bikes or ATVs stopping at historic caves, empty beaches, and taking in the coastline.
  • End a visit by watching the sunrise over the moai before checking out and heading to the airport.


Rates start at $678 per person per night, all inclusive.


Images Courtesy of Nayara Resorts:


Entry Requirements:

To visit Easter Island, you can see the full requirements here, which include:

  • A negative PCR test result taken 24 hours before boarding. (An antigen test from a health center will be allowed in minors under 6 years old.)
  • Mobility Pass (certificate of vaccination and identity document for foreigners)
  • Single Entry Form (FUI)
  • Round-trip ticket
  • Reservation at a tourist service registered in SERNATUR or invitation letter from the Provincial Delegation.
  • 7-day health follow-up
  • * Along with these requirements, passengers flying from abroad shall be tested with a mandatory antigen test upon their arrival on Rapa Nui/Easter Island


About Nayara Resorts

In addition to the three properties in Arenal Volcano National Park, Nayara Resorts has also expanded to Chile’s Atacama Desert and Easter Island, and most recently to Panama’s Bocas Del Toro. All properties share spectacular natural settings, immersive guest experiences, five-star service, and a commitment to sustainability and community impact. Nayara Resorts is the vision of Colombian hotelier Leo Ghitis, who sought to bring international standards of hospitality and excellence to Central and South America.


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