June 15th, 2021

EYOS Expeditions, the world leader in private yacht charters, announces their latest per cabin charter expedition July 3-10, 2021, sailing around Iceland’s wild northwest coast. (Additional dates are available on request.) The scheduled departure will take place on the 154-foot, seven-cabin expedition yacht Hanse Explorer, offering the exclusivity of a private yacht experience but with the convenience of individual cabins for sale.

Following the yacht’s departure from Reykjavik, six days will be spent exploring Iceland’s towering sea cliffs, staggering peninsulas, majestic fjords, and wild rivers. EYOS guides will be onboard to provide interpretation and insight along the way. Using the yacht’s nimble zodiacs and kayaks, guests will access remote landings, anchor in deep canyons and search for wildlife, including arctic foxes and puffins. There will be an opportunity to hike trails in the Snæfellsjökull National Park, dominated by its glaciated volcano where Jules Verne’s classic novel “Journey to the Centre of the Earth” began, as well as trek along beaches, mysterious sea caves, untouched lava fields and green grasslands. Guests will visit Breiðafjörður , a land and seascape dotted with about 3,000 islands, before heading above the Arctic Circle to land of the midnight sun on a visit to Grimsey.

“I have been visiting Iceland for more than 25 years. This itinerary has distilled the best of the best into seven days, focusing on arguably the most beautiful and wild part of the country, while still having opportunities to visit better known sites near civilization, including the amazing volcanic eruption that started this year and makes visiting Iceland particularly exciting,” said Tim Soper, Co-Founder.

Ben Lyons, CEO, added, “This is a unique opportunity to experience a private superyacht without having to charter the entire vessel. Traveling with a maximum of 12 guests allows for a very personalized and intime experience, whether onboard at dinner or on shore watching puffins. Time and time again, we find that the sheer excitement of an expedition always creates a natural camaraderie onboard. After more than a year of COVID, escaping to the wilds of Iceland is a wonderful way to celebrate the ability to travel and explore again.”

Hanse Explorer can accommodate up to 12 guests. Per person prices are 16,000 (approximately $19,400) per person/week. Hanse Explorer will also be available for private charters for 155,000 per week (approximately $187,939) plus expenses throughout the summer. Guests are required to be vaccinated to join this departure.

For more information, visit https://www.eyos-expeditions.com/ or email: info@eyos.com

About EYOS Expeditions LTD:

EYOS Expeditions (www.eyos.com) has been designing private superyacht expeditions since 2008 and the company’s co-founders have spent decades designing ground-breaking itineraries. EYOS Expeditions holds several ‘world firsts’ and world records.

EYOS Expeditions is widely recognized as the world leader in superyacht expeditions and was invited as a design partner by Damen shipyards to develop the SeaXplorer expedition yacht.

EYOS Expeditions co-founder Tim Soper was selected by Conde Nast Traveller as one of their Top Travel Specialists every year since 2017 and EYOS Expeditions co-founder Rob McCallum has spent an entire career working in the undersea world. He ran commercial expeditions to the RMS Titanic, to the battleship Bismarck and provided key logistical support to James Cameron’s ‘Deep Challenge’ record-breaking dive in 2012. In 2019, he led the Five Deeps Expedition, which was described as the most ambitious expedition this century and took one man to the deepest point in each of the five oceans. As well as the 2020 Ring of Fire dives when the Mission Specialists who joined this expedition stepped into the history books for being amongst the first humans to reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench/Challenger Deep and 2021 dives including the USS Johnston and Emden Deep.

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