December 27th, 2018

Shopping and basic research in the pre-internet days often involved looking up shops, restaurants and services in the Yellow Pages, a book of ads, addresses and telephone numbers that was so thick it also worked well as a booster seat at the dinner table. Now we just whip out our phones and ask Siri or Google to pull up whatever we need. Or we go to a website that gathers the information for us.

The age of comparison websites has arrived in full force. When shopping and researching, we want to see all our options in one place instead of going from website to website. So, when traveling, we research hotels at TripAdvisor. When buying a home, we go to Zillow. For airline tickets, we go to Expedia and many other online sources. For restaurants, we go to We can go to to find a date. And when planning a funeral, we can even go to Funeralocity.

Brands need to articulate their value propositions in short profiles to succeed in the competitive frame of comparison shopping sites. They must clearly demonstrate points of differentiation as well as show high resolution photos, videos, and positive reviews. A brand’s online profile is more than just its website. It is multifaceted and needs to stand out in the eyes of consumers as they view their alternatives.

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