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September 6th, 2012

Leaves will be turning and the kiddies are heading to school, so we thought we’d pass along some lessons in skincare to share in the back-to-school ethos. Experts Elizabeth Murchison from Guinot and Katrina Lynam from ESPA have answered some of our most pressing skin regimen questions, so whip out that trapper keeper and take notes!

How do you know if you should be using a mask?

When you feel your skin needs an extra boost of radiance or if the skin appears dull (especially during summer or winter months when sun and cold weather can dehydrate the skin), it’s time for a mask. A deep cleansing mask can balance and cleanse skin prone to blackheads and pimples.

Masks are a necessity for any age and all skin types. For instance, if you receive a deep cleansing treatment, part of the maintenance should be regular use of a mask, which should be purifying and will make pores appear smaller.


Guinot Pure Balance Mask will keep pores clean between facials.

ESPA Skin Radiance Mask will revitalize and renew dull, tired skin to visibly brighten and even skin tone.

How should you care for super sensitive skin?

Most people with sensitive skin prefer not to use too many products for fear of a bad reaction. If this is the case, try using a serum made for sensitive skin alone for day and night. Serums can penetrate deeply and can be a lot lighter than moisturizers.

Cleansing: Sensitive skin responds differently to different cleansing methods, and most agree that “deodorant” soap or highly fragranced soap contain strong detergents and should not be used on the face. Instead, use a gentle cleanser to soothe and hydrate. When removing the cleanser, be sure the temperature of the water is cool to avoid creating further redness. Follow with a gentle toner.

Moisturizing: To improve microcirculation, diminish redness, strengthen broken capillaries, and hydrate, use an intensive serum, moisturizer, and a mask for 4-6 weeks.


ESPA Hydrating Cleansing Milk is an effective gentle cleanser to soothe and hydrate the skin using Chamomile and Rose Geranium to reduce redness and calm sensitive skin.

ESPA Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh is an aromatic toner that hydrates, refreshes, and rejuvenates the skin, helping to maintain the moisture balance using calming ingredients, Rose Geranium and Neroli.

Used together, ESPA Calm and Soothe Intensive Serum, Moisturizer, and Mask form a powerful trio specifically tailored to help cool and pacify skin prone to redness.

Guinot Doux Démaquillant Hydrallergic is a gentle cleanser perfect for sensitive and reactive skin with a hypoallergenic formula.

Guinot Hydra Sensitive Serum works wonderfully to moisturize sensitive skin gently and effectively.


What is the best way to apply moisturizer?

There are many types of moisturizers; no matter what product you choose, you can take certain preparative measures to ensure you get the most out of your moisturizer. Always cleanse and tone the skin before applying moisturizer. To apply, warm the moisturizer into the finger tips and starting with a drop on the forehead, cheeks, and chin, gently massage upward in light, sweeping movements to avoid pulling the skin.


Guinot’s new BiOXYGENE is perfect for the city – it fights the effects of pollution while oxygenating cells and moisturizing.

ESPA 24-Hour Replenishing Moisturizer, one of the brand’s most popular products, is scientifically proven to significantly increase hydration for beautifully soft, replenished skin.


What is the best way to treat a breakout?

To avoid breakouts altogether, you should have a facial every month. Start a skin care routine, to ensure that you cleanse, tone, and moisturize daily. Avoid overstimulating your face with exfoliation and instead try a daily cleanser to clean the pores without irritating the skin.

Of course, if you do break out… First, never, ever pick a blemish! Slap your hands if they start reaching up there. Picking can make it worse and can even cause permanent scarring. Instead, just be patient and apply products to help the healing process. Products with Salicylic Acid will gently treat the blemishes without drying the skin, and products with Tea Tree Gel will also help clear minor irritations and blemishes.


ESPA Skin Balancing Range incorporates ingredients such as Tea Tree, Sage, and Peppermint to keep skin clear, and the Purifying Tea Tree Gel is a targeted treatment to help clear minor blemishes and irritations.

Guinot Acnilogic is perfect to keep breakouts at bay, and the Correcteur Traitant will heal blemishes and conceal.


What is the best way to exfoliate?

The best time to exfoliate is in the evening after cleansing and toning the skin. It’s best to exfoliate in the shower as you’ll have the added benefit of steam to help open the pores and stimulate circulation. Once the skin has been exfoliated, apply a face treatment oil and/or a thin layer of mask and go to sleep to give the skin an additional boost. While you snooze, the mask will penetrate nicely and will have more tangible results because you’ve exfoliated.

Should you exfoliate before or after shaving/waxing?

If you plan on waxing or shaving, exfoliate first. It encourages ingrown hairs to come to the surface.

Should you exfoliate before or after sun exposure?

Never exfoliate before you go in the sun! This makes the skin more photosensitive.

How often should you exfoliate?

For oily or acne-prone skin: once a week (more than this will stimulate the oil glands)

For normal or combination skin: twice a week

For dry/dehydrated skin: two to three times a week (dry skin does not regenerate cells as

Quickly, which contributes to the feeling of taught skin and to wrinkles, so more frequent exfoliating will help)

For sensitive skin: once a week


ESPA Refining Skin Polish, ESPA Face Treatment Oil, and ESPA Cleansing Face Mask are an exfoliating triple threat.

Guinot’s Gommage Grain D’Eclat paired with the Hydra Sensitive Face Mask is an optimal way to smooth and refresh.


What is the best way to soothe a sunburn?

Reduce the heat in the skin by applying cool compresses made of chamomile tea. This will also reduce swelling. Apply creams that are healing and take baths with shower gels that have anti-inflammatory ingredients (such as Mousse de Coton).


ESPA Essential Body Moisturizer is a cooling gel that instantly replenishes and hydrates and will also cool, calm, and soothe fragile skin.

Guinot Longue Vie Soleil was specially formulated to strengthen skin’s vital functions before sun exposure as well as repair them after. Use a thick layer, like a mask, on sunburned skin for intense repair action.


Is there a special way to apply eye cream?

Instead of just rubbing blindly, it’s best to apply eye cream in small dots around the eye, following your cheek bones from the inner eye to the corner of the eye. Avoid applying the eye cream to the eyelid as this will overload the eye area and could cause sensitivity. To avoid applying too much pressure to the eye area, which is already sensitive and has very thin tissue, apply using the ring finger.


ESPA Replenishing Eye Moisturizer or Lift & Firm Eye Moisturizer for gentle eye hydration and care.

Guinot Hydrazone Yeux provides essential, long-lasting eye hydration for any age group, reducing crow’s feet and making the eye contour area look younger.


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