expert how-to: avoid sun damage and still get tan

July 19th, 2012

Yes, everyone looks better with a golden glow. The drawback is that spending hours in the sun takes a toll on skin. We asked Guinot’s Director of Education and keeper of myriad beauty secrets, Elizabeth Murchison, for her tips on how to protect your skin (and still look fabulous!).

What does sun exposure do to your skin?

Sun exposure causes pigmentation and uneven skin, ages the skin, and could cause serious problems such as skin cancer.

What’s the best way to fight sun damage? (Okay, this was an easy one!)

The best ways to fight sun damage is to apply an SPF of 15, 20, or 30 approximately 20 minutes before leaving your home (the actives need time to settle in the skin). If you are planning on being out for a day at the beach, running errands, or taking a fun walk in the neighborhood, you should apply your SPF every two hours as sun protection has minimized.

What is the best way to look tan without damaging your skin?

The best way to look tanned without damaging the skin is by using a self tanner or spray tanning.

What else should we know about sun damage?

DNA is the heart of a cell’s life. DNA is a chain of nucleic acids that are found at the center of each cell. It carries a genetic code that identifies each individual and each cell. (Which explains the importance of protecting the DNA that is found in the cells of the basal layer of the skin which divide themselves each day to ensure cellular renewal). The filters against the sun in protective creams do not block out all the wavelengths. They leave small “windows” on the skin which allow certain UV rays to penetrate and damage our DNA. Guinot’s Nucleic Defense is the first concept in sun protection that combines, not just sun filters but also DNA molecules. When applied to the surface of the skin, the DNA will “close” the “windows” left by the filters and block out the UV Rays that would have damaged the DNA in the cells.

Those are the facts, here’s how to execute:


Large Écran UV – Ultra UV Sunscreen, $38

This SPF 30 high protection cream is perfect for face and body. It reflects, absorbs, and contains DNA for triple protection. Guinot’s unique DNA formula, made from salmon DNA, fills out the “windows” on the skin left uncovered with regular sunscreen to protect the cells’ own DNA. The ultra micronized UV sunscreen leaves no white traces while Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and Hydrocyte complex moisturizes the skin.

Fake It

Auto Bronzant Corps d’Été – Self Tanning Body Lotion, $38

This tinted self-tanner makes for a gorgeous natural-looking tan. The easy-to-use spray bottle ensures a streak-free application, while Aloe and Mimosa Tree extract moisturize and rejuvenate. The caramel tint gives skin an instant golden gleam while the long-lasting tan develops.


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