(un)forbidden fruit with body&eden in the bahamas

April 23rd, 2012

New to the shelves of ESCAPE boutiques in May 2012 at The Cove Atlantis and One&Only Ocean Club on Paradise Island, Bahamas, is a line of herbal elixirs by New-York based superfood mixologists, Body&Eden. Comprised of three unique herbal blends – I HAVE SPACE, I HAVE ARRIVED and I HAVE PLEASURE – the new exclusive ESCAPE elixir line promises to provide guests of The Cove or Ocean Club with the highest nutritional content to support and nourish the body while on vacation.

“Health is of the utmost importance for our guests today,” says Errol Cohen, SVP of Retail for ESCAPE. “It is our hope that this new collaboration will fill a void for our guests seeking to nurture their bodies and mind while they are on holiday. Whether you need to relax or rejuvenate, these elixirs promise to ease the sometimes challenging transition from daily life to the pure pleasure of vacation. We recommend a daily elixir paired with plenty of Bahamian sunshine.”

Body&Eden works closely with a hands-on herbalist to create safe and balanced combinations comprised of the most vibrant nutrients to support the body’s needs when traveling. The new Body&Eden for ESCAPE line is available exclusively at ESCAPE boutiques at The Cove Atlantis and One&Only Ocean Club and is priced at $12/bottle.


These three elixirs are vibrant and varied in color, representing their high vitamin and nutrient content specifically formulated for travel.


This digestive elixir helps cleanse and clear toxins accumulated during travel, while creating space for something new. Apple cider vinegar, an ancient healing remedy known to help promote healthy digestion and weight loss, is combined with the digestive and circulatory support of ginger and cinnamon. The herbal tea base of lemon balm, nettle and elderberry round out this elixir combined with immune boosting anti-inflammatory and infection fighting properties to ensure a healthy holiday.


With ten times the antioxidants of red wine, the superfood goji berry is blended with a touch of honey and anti-inflammatory and detoxifying turmeric to promote rejuvenation and anti-aging. Grapefruit juice helps alkalinize the body while apple cider vinegar promotes healthy digestion and weight loss. The herbal tea base of hibiscus, rose hips and cardamom protect against stress and infections creating a soothing elixir that wards of sickness from the moment you arrive on holiday.


Pineapple juice is combined with blue-green algae, a chlorophyll-packed superfood, and apple cider vinegar, an ancient healing remedy to promote healthy digestion and support the immune system when traveling. Added to the herbal tea base of alfalfa, nettle and linden, this elixir helps to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation, supporting a happy, healthy, feeling of pleasure.

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