from obsolescent to fluorescent

June 21st, 2010

The Vyne

© NTPL / Andrea Jones

Think all stately English country houses are decked out in lace and toile? Think again. In its heyday in the mid-18th century, The Vyne in Hampshire owned by John Chute was a spectacular home full of modern furniture and art. Over time, the home no longer reflected the cutting edge sensibilities of its former occupant. All of that’s now changed thanks to The National Trust and Mark Brazier-Jones. Brazier-Jones is the colorful interior designer for the likes of Sir Elton John and Courtney Love. Upholding Chute’s flair for décor, Brazier-Jones is filling the house with crystal-encrusted tables and hot pink animal hide chaise-lounges. “John Chute certainly wasn’t afraid to stamp his own personality on The Vyne,” said the designer. “In fact, he was pretty daring and adventurous for his time, and if he were a client of mine today I’m sure we would get on famously.”

This mixture of historic and contemporary at The Vyne is in keeping with the vision of The National Trust to view a house as a living and evolving space. Visit the bedazzled abode now through August 1 for FREE as a member of the Royal Oak Foundation (The National Trust’s U.S. affiliate). Membership, just $55 to join, grants access to all of The National Trust properties around England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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