a man and his skincare routine

August 26th, 2009

ESPA Skin Polish

Alice Marshall Public Relations presents: The Beauty Marshall

He’s a Smooth Operator: Buffing and De-Scruffing to Ward off Wrinkles

A man and his skincare routine. Some men are as meticulous as a department store beauty counter sales woman. Others just depend on Dial and Barbasol Beard Buster to get fresh-faced. Either way, we’re out to educate the masses about a little anti-aging tip, compliments of ESPA’s team of skincare experts*.

Every time a man uses a razor on his face, he is doing a double-duty step in skincare. Shaving takes off both the stubble and dead skin cells, providing instant exfoliation. Educated beauty mavens know that shedding dead skin promotes cell turnover, helping prevent wrinkles. Men exfoliate the lower half of their faces each time they shave, but what about the rest of his mug? All it takes is a quick scrub above the shaven territory to ensure uniform wrinkle diversion.

Our top pick is ESPA Men’s SkinPolish, made specifically for skin that is 30% thicker than women’s. It is rich in natural ingredients and lightly scented with the essential oil of Highland Scots Pine, a tall evergreen that can grow over 100 feet high and is sometimes used to help support the immune system.

Shop for SkinPolish ($42.00) and other ESPA products at www.espaonline.com or at ESPA spas worldwide including: The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, New York; The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, Chicago; and ESPA at Acqualina in Miami.

*Susan Harmsworth, founder and CEO of ESPA, is an international authority on skincare, wellness, and how to build a successful luxury spa; she has created over 150 spas since 1993 (and counting…). Her legions of top-notch therapists, seasoned spa gurus, and in-house scientists afford ESPA the data, facts, and knowledge to poise themselves as leading experts in all facets of wellbeing. More men visit ESPA spas as opposed to their competitors, supplying ESPA with an incomparable dossier on men’s skincare (by the way, men’s #1 skincare concern is the eye area).

Whether you’d like to know more about men’s skincare, shoot the breeze on aromatherapy, or talk cold hard facts on the luxury spa industry, feel free to drop us a line and we’ll arrange a call with ESPA’s finest.

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