drink to your health at Park Hyatts

March 25th, 2009

Park Hyatt has teamed up with renowned Brazilian nutritionist, Patricia Teixeira, to combat the lack of quick healthy options with the launch of its specialty nutritional smoothies and juices.  With a background in Physiology and Sports Biochemistry, Teixeira has counseled and prescribed personalized diets for well-know international sports figures.

For Park Hyatt, she tailored the ingredients to target specific problems plaguing the weary business traveler, from a suffering immune system to jet lag. There is a choice of two smoothies and three juices on the menu, which includes a description of ingredients and health benefits, as well as recommendations on the best time to drink each selection. Good Energy Juice, for example, contains carrots and red apples to balance blood sugar levels, spinach to detoxify hormones and beetroot to support digestion. These nutrients and the high fiber content help power through the endless morning meetings. Anti Jet Lag Juice guarantees the first step to a productive day – a good night’s sleep. This drink combines kale’s phytonutrients with pumpkin seeds to trigger tryptophan, the body’s sleep hormone, as well as carrots and apples to balance sugar levels. 

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