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September 15th, 2008

Case 9.10:  Penny Saved

VICTIM: A pretty gal named Penny, usually a shining soul. Lately, she’s been getting nickeled and dimed by everyone from the milkman to the airline stewardess, leaving her feeling a little dull.

MARSHALL’S ORDER: Instead of feeling worthless, save up spare change for double-duty luxuries that you make look and feel like a million dollars. The Beauty Marshall’s top picks from ESPAs crop of naturally holistic products:

Pink Hair and Scalp Mud Rich with red and white clay, this intensive hair and scalp treatment is the ultimate multi-tasker. Try using it as an intensive moisturizer, a fly-away tamer, styling product, a protective conditioner at the beach, or even as a facial mask ($65.00).

Nourishing Body Oil Protective and regenerative grape seed oil, jojoba, vitamin E, and sweet almond oil provide moisture to soften skin effectively. This 100% natural concentrate can also be mixed with a few drops of perfume to create a lasting scent. Apply to dry or damaged hair (avoiding the scalp) before showering , wait 15 minutes, then rinse and shampoo and condition as usual for shiny hair ($69.00).

Hydrating Cleansing Milk Gentle, yet deep cleansing, this creamy blend including chamomile and rose geranium sweeps away impurities without effecting the skin’s natural balance. Also wonderful as a light moisturizer and an excellent post-sun or windburn soother ($45.00).

Men’s ShaveMud A unique product that prepares skin for shaving, works similarly to a shaving cream and triples as a deep-cleansing mask. For best results, smooth on a thick layer for a few minutes (while brushing teeth, for example), rinse and apply another layer to use in lieu of shaving cream. The mud may also be used as an invigorating weekly treatment mask ($35.00).

Products are available for purchase at ESPA spas worldwide including: The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, New York (opening December 2008); The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, Chicago; and ESPA at Acqualina in Miami. Not near an ESPA spa? Visit or call 1877 ESPA USA.

Questions? Contact: The Beauty Marshall, Mary Jane Partlow (

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