Guinot Institut Paris

How do French women stay looking so youthful as they age?  Some may say it’s their diet, some may say it’s their generous vacation time, and some may simply say “Guinot Institut Paris”!

Guinot’s revolutionary skincare solutions have been helping les françaises keep their skin in tip-top shape since the 1960’s.  Available to les americains for over 30 years, the brand standards that brought Guinot to the forefront of skincare have remained the same – that is, the use of scientifically-effective ingredients in Guinot’s products and clinically-trained aestheticians in spas and salons.

What keeps Guinot gracing the pages of major beauty magazines around the world is that all products and treatments are tried and true – they work!   Additionally, Guinot leads the charge in modern science by constantly updating and launching products and treatments created by Guinot scientists in their Parisian laboratories.

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