NEWS from Scotland: Stories and Offers from the Fife Arms

April 29th, 2021

We are very excited to now be working with The Fife Arms. There are many stories to tell about this former hunting lodge in Braemar, Scotland. Here are a few ideas as we continue to peel back the layers of the onion.

Purity, innocence and power are at the core of Scotland, and these very words also decode the Celtic meaning behind the unicorn being the national animal. It is one of the most progressive nations in the world: Europe’s first modern literate society; the first country to include LGBT issues in school curricula; the national team of the first black footballer 140 years ago. We also owe a big thank you to Scottish innovators for the telephone, television, raincoat, anesthesia, and pedal bicycle. And the nearly $2 trillion global retail market would be at a loss if it was not for tartan, with a colorful history dating back to third century AD.

The Fife Arms is much more than the hardware; it is an all-encompassing experience that seeps through each thoughtfully-curated detail indoors: Sustainable house tartan designed by Scottish designer Araminta Campbell; “Sharp the Dog” room dedicated to Queen Victoria’s beloved pet; The Flying Stag public pub with a James Prosek-created flying stag; an original Picasso reigning over the drawing room; Glencraft mattresses fit for the royal family.

This Spring, the hotel will lift the veil on a new bar, Bertie’s, inspired by Queen Victoria’s extravagant and hedonistic heir. The bar will offer 365 whiskies from Scotland and around the world and will launch two of its own exclusive whiskies this summer. On-the-ground experiences will include flights, tastings, and tours of local distilleries and there will also be virtual tastings for fans from far away.

Until we can travel to Scotland, we can bring a piece of the destination home. Thanks to the Fife Arms’ online shop, guests and fans can find a custom tartan or tweed design gift box, afternoon tea set, and the Fife Arms coffee table book from Phaidon. The latest addition is perhaps the most exciting. The new collection for dogs includes a coat, bone, collar and leash, all made with the hotel’s house tweed. What better gift for dog lovers or man’s best friend?!

2021 is the year for investing in physical and mental wellness, and the great outdoors are just what travelers want – and need. The Cairngorms National Park, named one of the top 20 places to visit in the world by National Geographic Traveller, and the diversity of nearby options make the Fife Arms the perfect recipe: Fly fishing on The Dee River; touring the historic house that Robert Louis Stevenson occupied while writing Treasure Island; Ghillie-guided hill walking to one of 40 Munros accessible from Braemar; to name a few.

Art is not just a part of the Fife Arms; it is the heart. The reputation of Hauser & Wirth takes the “art hotel” concept to another level. Not only are there 16,000 pieces from around the world, different centuries and genres on display qualify the property as an exhibition in itself. Where else can you see a Louise Bourgeois spider sculpture in the same space as a watercolor by Queen Victoria and a chandelier made from stainless steel utensils?!

The property also upholds the values that its parent company, Artfarm, espouses. Staying at the Fife Arms means being in the company of like-minded, curious and talented individuals. Located in the heart of the village, guests are part of the community. There is a mutual regard for the preservation of Scottish heritage, craft and design. All of these principles are demonstrated through ownership’s collaboration with historians, artists and locals who make up the Ghillie team.

There is a lot more to share and additional news in the pipeline. The property is looking to reopen in May (and we will need to stay nimble, of course) but we will continue to tell the many wonderful stories of this gem of a property.

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