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January 21st, 2021

Latest & greatest from conservation-focused, experiential travel company andBeyond. The brand operates 29 lodges across Africa and South America and outfits custom itineraries across those continents and Asia.

To protect wildlife…

World Wildlife Day is on March 3, 2021. andBeyond’s core brand pillar ‘care of the wildlife’ supports and protects species in the reserves where it operates every single day. Some standout efforts include…

In collaboration with Africa Foundation, andBeyond offers a Conservation Lesson program for both children and adults living in communities close to wildlife areas. Through the initiative, over 1,600 students in East Africa were able to visit andBeyond’s properties, learning firsthand about the wildlife conservation that takes place so close to their home – partaking in game drives with rangers, swimming with dolphins and witnessing turtles hatch. For many, this is the first time in their life they have been exposed to fauna in a meaningful way, instilling the passion and knowledge of wildlife conservation and community development in them – often inspiring future careers.

Pangolins are native African anteaters that are covered in keratin scales, which are highly valuable to poachers making them the most trafficked mammal in the world. The species used to roam freely in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, but have been locally extinct for decades. Private groups at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve can have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with these elusive creatures with andBeyond’s Pangolin Conservation Experience and assist in replacing tags and monitoring behavior.

To support the community…

World Water Day is on March 22, 2021. andBeyond has worked with its community partner Africa Foundation to lessen the burden of carrying water from boreholes by providing Hippo Water Rollers to the most vulnerable in the community near andBeyond Ngala Private Game Reserve without access to clean running water. Many women and children walk great distances every day to collect water; a task that is not only physically demanding but takes time away from attending school. With andBeyond’s initiative, over 1,200 Hippo Water Rollers have been distributed in the communities of Welverdiend and Thlabekisa. These rollers can carry up to 90 liters of water in a barrel that can be rolled on the ground, enabling people to bring more freshwater home each time and not have to carry a heavy load.

To inspire wanderlust…

andBeyond has launched an online Dream Board to encourage those with a case of wanderlust to start envisaging and planning their upcoming adventures. The Dream Board lives on andBeyond’s website and features a curated array of experiences, itineraries and accommodation from the three continents where the company operates, showcasing not only andBeyond’s own lodges and camps but the wide range of choice that its tour operating arm offers (from mobile camping on the plains of the Serengeti to the Snow Leopard Lodge tucked in the snowy peaks of the Himalayas).

To celebrate women…

Looking towards Women’s History Month in March 2021, here are some of the leading ladies behind the andBeyond brand.

Aziza Mbwana… was andBeyond’s first female guide in East Africa when she began in 2004, and was also the second female guide in Tanzania at the time.

Charli de Vos… is an Ecological Monitor at andBeyond Phinda Private Game Reserve leading the new pangolin reintroduction project.

Tessa Hempson… is the marine scientist and program manager behind andBeyond’s Ocean Without Borders project in East Africa.

Charity Cheruiyot… was the first female safari ranger in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

Nicole Robinson… has been with andBeyond for 20 years and now runs the show as Chief Marketing Officer.

To stay warm this winter…

Gearing up for a long winter of outdoor dining? Those braving the cold for a bite to eat out of the house can learn a thing or two from a true cold weather expert. Surya Ramachandran is andBeyond’s Snow Leopard Journey guide in the Himalayas. Based in the icy cold Himalayan region of Ladakh, he spends his days embracing the elements on the search for snow leopard and other fauna. This area is high in the mountains and has extreme winters. Surya is well-versed in how to prepare for spending hours on end out in the wilderness in frigid temperatures. Some of his tips include…

  • When I’m at the Snow Leopard Lodge in Ladakh, where it gets mighty cold, I add a thicker full sleeve fleece or down jacket, but never anything too baggy. Overall, one can stay warm and still look sharp if she or he layers right. Never wear anything too loose, no matter how warm they make you feel!”
  • “My standard drink is an Indian Jungle Toddy – consisting of rum, hot water, honey, ginger juice and a squeeze of lime – served in a beer mug. Nothing warms me up quite like this one. A warming cocktail needs to either be hot or spicy.”


About andBeyond

andBeyond designs personalized high-end tours in 13 countries in Africa, five in Asia and four in South America, offering discerning travelers a rare and exclusive experience of the world as it should be. We own and operate 29 extraordinary lodges and camps in iconic safari, scenic and island destinations in Africa and South America. This enables us to positively impact more than nine million acres of wildlife land and over 1,200 miles of coastline. Established in 1991, andBeyond strives to leave our world a better place than we found it through our care of the land, wildlife and people, and the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences.


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