Dream (Jobs) Do Come True with Crystal Cruises

April 29th, 2013

Most boys want to grow up to be an astronaut, athlete, or airplane pilot; however girls dream of becoming a veterinarian, teacher, or journalist. According to a recent LinkedIn survey of 8,000 professionals, only three in 10 people are actually working in their dream jobs or related fields. Crystal Cruises is responding with the chance to make childhood dreams come true by offering a broad selection of new shore excursions and onboard programming. For 2013, this includes pilot training, teaching opportunities, and, yes, even space training. Here’s how to…


…become an Astronaut

Voyage: “Northern Enchantment” from Copenhagen to Stockholm

The St. Petersburg port-of-call offers guests four different space training experiences to Star City, a former top-secret cosmonaut training facility outside Moscow. Once aboard the largest parabola aircraft in the world, travelers get a lesson in zero-gravity. Or guests can choose to delve into the world’s largest Hydro-Space laboratory and experience the most advanced and challenging training a cosmonaut undergoes – installing a space antenna on a replica of the International Space Station. This all happens while being submerged in the 54,000 square foot hydrolab and wearing an authentic 275lb Orlan DMA liquid cooled spacesuit. Previously only available for Russian cosmonauts in training, Crystal has secured Star City’s Centrifuge TsF-18, the largest in the world, for Crystal guests to experience simulated G-force levels of all stages of space travel. For those who prefer to be on the “Houston” side of space travel, Crystal guests are invited to the Yuri Gagarin State Scientific Research and Testing Cosmonaut Training Center for a look at the history of Russian space travel, the Space Race, and an up-close look at Russian spacecrafts.


…become an Award-Winning Journalist

Voyage: Aquitaine Tapestry” from Lisbon to London

During this sailing, guests can take a complimentary lesson in journalism from Tom DeFrank, the award-winning journalist and one of Washington’s most respected President-watchers. DeFrank has covered the White House since the Nixon administration and reported on the resignation of one President, the impeachment of a second, and was an eyewitness to two assassination attempts. His reporting skills have been praised by ABC News, the American Journalism Review, and even Former President Gerald R. Ford.


…become a Pilot

Voyage: Baltic Brillance” from Stockholm to Copenhagen

Guests will have the opportunity to don a flight suit and helmet, board the famed Russian MiG fighter jet built especially for high-altitude missions, and zoom over Russia’s landscape at over twice the speed of sound. With the help of the English-speaking test pilot, guests will take control and guide the plane through simple maneuvers and circles.


…become a Veterinarian

Voyage: Bounty of the Baltic” from Stockholm to Copenhagen

As part of Crystal’s “You Care, We Care” program, guests have the opportunity to become a vet-for-a-day at Rostock’s Zoological Garden, the largest zoo on the German Baltic coast. The zoo is home to more than 2,000 animals of 250 different species – from big cats to elephants, monkeys, polar bears, and more. During this complimentary shore excursion, guests will assist zookeepers in feeding these animals and keeping their environment clean and healthy.


…become a Professional Athlete (for a day)

Voyage: Coastal Connoisseur” from Barcelona to Lisbon

In Barcelona, Crystal guests can visit Camp Nou, home to Futbol Club Barcelona, for a day in the life of a professional soccer star. The stadium tour includes a stop at the visitors’ locker room, walking the tunnel for a grand entrance onto the pitch and dugouts, as well as stopping by the television studio and press room.


…become a Teacher

Voyage: Pacific Panorama” from Kōbe to Vancouver

Guests who aspired to become a teacher as a child can fulfill their dream by enrolling in Crystal’s complimentary “You Care, We Care” voluntourism program during the Petropavlovsk port-of-call. At the local international business school, Link, participants will become educators-for-the-day, teaching Russian teenagers conversational English via Skype.



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