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April 30th, 2012

Bikini season is near! Maybe we let things go a little in the winter – the cover of a big puffy coat is so forgiving. But with the layers flying off as the summer heats up, it’s time to take care of business, so we’ve put together a few products to help you look better in the buff.


Guinot’s Double Minceur Ciblée is contouring gel cream that targets the initial process of when fat starts to store itself. The lipolytic action releases trapped fat while anti-lipogenesis slows down its storage. Delipogenase hunts fat to eliminate it right at the source.

Extra Water Weight?

ESPA’s Detoxifying Seaweed Bath will shrink you down! The new blend of orange, mandarin, petitgrain, and citronella essential oils smells heavenly and seawater acts as a humectant. Two capfuls in the bath will tighten you right up!

*This is potent stuff! Don’t use if you’re pregnant or allergic to seaweed, and be sure to drink lots of water.

Stretch Marks?

Acting as an invisible sheath supporting the skin, Guinot’s Crème Spécifique Vergetures combats the formation of stretch marks and softens their appearance.

Trouble décolleté?

Guinot’s Longue Vie Buste acts as an invisible sports bra that helps create a younger-looking bust and décolleté, and sculpts the bust, and deeply firms the skin. This youth firming serum penetrates to the elastic and supportive tissue for an anti-aging effect.

Dull Skin?

As a final touch before wowing Mr. Right (or everyone at the office), spritz on a bit of ESPA’s Body Silk Spray, a nourishing finale for soft skin and subtle radiance giving the skin a beautiful sheen and radiant glow.

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