royal mansour’s three michelin star chef, yannick alléno, hot dog fiend

February 15th, 2012

Voted “sexiest chef” by a poll on L’Internaute in 2008, Yannick Alléno is far from your typical chef. Despite his three Michelin Stars, Alléno considers himself a man of the people. In fact, Alléno hates over complicated dishes and much prefers the simple but beloved New York City style hot dog.

His new veau chaud dish, which will be the star of his new informal bistro, Terroir Parisien, opening in the Fifth Arrondissement in March, is inspired by the New York City hot dog. We can’t wait to discover whether the hot dog’s new cousin, Alléno’s veau chaud, will be making its way onto Royal Mansour’s La Grande Table Francaise’s menu.


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