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February 14th, 2012

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Islamic galleries, which opened in November, have drawn staggering crowds that surpassed all expectations. The collection, dating back to the seventh century, reflects the incredible diversity of Islam and includes works of art from Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Iran, and Asia.

In the very heart of the new galleries, guests will find a medieval Maghrebi-Andalisian-style courtyard, a major feature of Moroccan and southern Spanish Islamic architecture that serves as a physical and spiritual center in the traditional riads and mosques of Marrakech.

The overwhelming attendance of the new Islamic galleries speaks to the elegance and stunning beauty of Islamic art. For enthusiasts, a trip to Royal Mansour Marrakech would not only give a sense of context to The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Islamic galleries, but would expand upon the profound beauty of this art. A tribute to Moroccan elegance, Royal Mansour Marrakech was carefully designed to represent traditional aesthetics with glamorous style. Royal Mansour’s 53 riads are true to the classic technique, configured around a central, open-air courtyards, and truly embody the Moroccan art de vivre.

Rates for a full individual riad start from €1,650 per night.

For more information about Royal Mansour Marrakech, please visit their new website,

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