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January 16th, 2012

Last night’s Golden Globes kicked off the 2012 Awards season, and Hollywood prep teams are hard at work ensuring our favorite starlets are putting the best foot, and face, forward on the Red Carpet.  On a smaller scale, we all have our own versions of a Red Carpet moment, and without a prep team, we need to rely on the products in our cabinets to help us achieve that picture-perfect look.  From anti-wrinkle creams to redness reducers, these products will leave your skin flawless, and of course, Red Carpet ready!

The problem: Red, blotchy skin
The cure: Guinot Crème Red Logic, 1.3oz $40 
Avoid caking on too much makeup to mask unwanted red spots; opt instead for one layer of this dream cream. Ingredients like arnica extracts and esculosides work instantly to reduce the appearance of redness and tone capillary veins, leaving your complexion refreshed and spot free.

The problem: Fine lines
The cure: Guinot Mini-Lift Éclat Beauté, .06oz $22
This day of skin saver relies on a complex of natural sugars and witch hazel to smooth away fine lines and even out the complexion.  Soy protein forms a protective barrier over the skin’s surface to shield the epidermis from external irritants and prolong makeup application, so your face is flawless throughout your big night.

The problem: Dull complexion
The cure: ESPA Skin Radiance Mask, 25ml $68
Revive skin’s natural radiance with this instantly illuminating face-saving mask. Mulberry, bearberry, and liquorice work together to help visibly brighten and even out skin tone, while pumpkin enzymes dissolve dull cells clean away, breathing instant luminous light into skin.

The problem: Shiny skin
The cure: Guinot Matizone Moisturizer, 1.7oz $60
Eliminate shine while you prime with this mattifying moisturizer. Matti-sponges act to trap and neutralize shine by absorbing the oil on your face, and, unlike makeup powders, water is left behind ensuring the skin is not dried out. Hydrocyte complex works to lock in moisture by forming a protective barrier over the upper layers of the epidermis, which also makes it an ideal primer.

The problem: Messy makeup
The cure: Guinot Youth Time Treatment Foundation, 30ml $55
Covering up the problem is only half the battle. Now you can win the war on aging with Guinot’s new foundation. While may feel light, this long-lasting cover-up definitely pulls its weight! The Youth Time Treatment does double duty by masking the signs of aging and also decreasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time. Green tea extracts and vitamin E work together to protect and sooth the skin, while hyaluronic acid spherical fillers penetrate the epidermis to plump out wrinkles and smooth facial features.

The problem: Dry cracked lips, smudged lipstick, and fine lines
The cure: Guinot Longue Vie Lèvres, .51oz $34
Nourish and plump up lips with this cellular regenerating treatment. Guinot’s replenishing spheres, which contain 56 cellular active ingredients, provide an anti-wrinkle effect by filling out fine lines around the lips, and camomile extract and vitamin E work together to ward off free radicals and moisturize the lip surface.

The problem: Tired eyes, crow’s feet, and puffiness
The cure: ESPA Lift and Firm Eye Moisturizer, 15ml $79
You don’t need to go under the knife to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eye area. This potent line smoother provides an instant lifting effect beta glucan and chitin boost elasticity, while tightening argania spinosa extract and firming algae help recontour the delicate eye area. Golden root brightens dark circles, while summer snowflakebulb actively smoothes lines for a more youthful appearance.

The problem: Puffy eyes and dark circles
The cure: Guinot Anti-fatigue Yeux, .5oz $42
Alleviate the appearance of tired eyes with this revitalizing gel that gives the one-two punch to dark circles and puffiness. Plant extracts, horse chestnut, and ivy decongest and strengthen the capillary walls, while allantoin softens the epidermis and encourages cellular regeneration. Keep this gel in the refrigerator for a cooling effect that soothes heavy eyelids. 

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