take care of your buns – those in your hair AND those of your derriere!

July 27th, 2011

The “French Paradox” diet may still be a mystery, but guests of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme now have unfettered access to two Parisienne beauty secrets. At the hotel’s exclusive new hair salon, Suite 101, celebrity stylist John Nollet offers expertise gleaned from working with such clients as Marion Cotillard, Diane Kruger, Uma Thurman, and Johnny Depp. For below the neck pampering, the hotel’s Le Spa has partnered with Martine de Richeville, director of Centre Svelt’coaching Massage in Paris, to offer Martine’s unique anti-cellulite massage treatments for a derrière par excellence.

John Nollet, Suite 101

Fresh off of his “Hair Room Service Around the World” traveling salon tour partnership with Louis Vuitton, John Nollet has just unpacked his bespoke Vuitton luggage and taken up permanent residency at Suite 101. The salon, designed in partnership with the Le Coadic-Scotto architectural group, features five separate booths and a private terrace where guests can have their hair styled en plein air.

Suite 101 stylists offer a menu of coiffing options named for some of history’s boldest female pioneers, such as the aviatrix Amelia Earhart and explorer/writer Alexandra David Neel. Better than a replica of the stylish pilot’s signature crop cut, the Amelia Earhart is a trans-atlantically chic combination of balayage highlights, shampoo, massage, hair treatment, cut and style. Alexandra David Neel’s namesake style may not give locks superhuman powers to traverse China and Tibet by foot, but the balayage highlights, scalp massage, and style may have been just what Alexandra’s strands needed at the end of such a journey. Two signature services are offered by Mr. Nollet himself, who spends upwards of two hours on a cut to ensure its perfection: the deceptively simple sounding ‘cut’ and ‘cut and color’ for ladies looking for a style that is le meilleur de meilleur. Visits with a salon stylist begin at 120 Euro for a shampoo and blowdry, and an appointment with Monsieur Nollet begins at 700 Euro for a cut, 1000 Euro for a cut and color.

Martine Richeville, Svelt’coaching at Le Spa

Great hair can make just about any outfit, but perfecting a birthday suit may take an extra dose of elbow grease. Martine Richeville’s signature Remodelage treatment, a detoxifying recharge to the lymphatic system that boosts circulation and minimizes the appearance of perennially unfashionable cellulite, should do just the trick. A vigorous massage is applied to the entire body using a technique that both calms and energizes the mind and body, expertly zapping cellulite manually, the French way. Women’s and men’s Remodelage treatments are currently offered at Le Spa –both are 50 minutes and 180 Euro.

Faut souffrir pour être belle? Not at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme.


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