later gator-ade

September 23rd, 2010

 We all know Gatorade is there for replenishing electrolytes, but it’s also filled with some shady ingredients like yellow 5. To replace nutrients we lose while working out, COMO Shambhala has come up with a special “Electrolyte Lemonade.” Parrot Cay recommends a shot of this magic juice after yoga workouts. The salt replenishes the body’s natural cooling system, ginger soothes digestion, and flaxseed feeds the body with those vital Omega-3 fatty acids. Lucky for us, Executive Chef Daniel Moran is sharing his recipe, so we don’t have to settle for Red 3.

electrolyte lemonade

Electrolyte Lemonade


-1 Meyer lemon (skin left on), though an unwaxed lemon will work too

-2 Asian pears

-4 green apples

-1 oz of fresh ginger

-10 basil leaves

-1 tbsp honey

-2 tsp high quality sea salt

-1 tbsp flaxseed oil


Cut the fruit and ginger into small pieces and put through a juice machine along with basil. In a blender mix the juice, salt, honey, and flaxseed oil. Serve immediately with ice to chill.

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