operation mincemeat

August 27th, 2010

Ian Fleming, GoldenEye

Ian Fleming’s creativity was thriving long before he created the iconic James Bond. As an officer in the British Army, Fleming was an integral part in several top-secret military campaigns. One of his campaigns – Operation Goldeneye – inspired the name of his Jamaica home, and another lives in history as a major coup for the Allies.

With only a little digging it is clear to see that many of James Bond’s sly spy maneuvers were drawn from Fleming’s own clandestine military experiences. In a show of Bond-like ingenuity, Fleming and his cohorts devised Operation Mincemeat – an elaborate scheme designed to trick the enemy Axis powers. Their plan was to plant fake documents on a “fallen” Allied soldier to fool the German army into believing that there were plans afoot for the Allies to move into Greece, meanwhile they’d really be heading to Italy. After finding a man in England who had recently died and was therefore presumed willing to accept the mission at hand, it was all systems go.

They dressed this newly-minted ‘Major William “Bill” Martin of the Royal Marines’ in military garb, planted his pockets with letters from a fiancée named Pam, a receipt for an engagement ring, and movie stubs from theaters in London. Major Bill was then dropped into the ocean so he could wash up on the enemy’s shore. Fleming and company even went so far as to list Major Bill as missing and presumed dead in the London papers. Smart!

The Germans took the bait and immediately diverted their defensive efforts to Greece while the Allies swiftly invaded Sicily. Sounds oh-so-007, although we can’t quite picture “Mincemeat” as a compelling title for a Bond installment. Perhaps Fleming shared our opinion.

While “Mincemeat” didn’t cut it as a Bond title, it didn’t make the grade for the name of his former Jamaican home either, where he penned all 14 James Bond novels. The blissful GoldenEye Hotel & Resort is opening this November (11.12.10), allowing us to live out our suave James Bond dreams in style. The 52-acre estate encompasses 22 units including Beach Cottages, Lagoon Suites, Villas and the original Fleming Villa. The hotel’s fitness and activity program (lead by Iona Wynter, Jamaican Olympic tri-athlete) offers something for everyone – including jet ski safaris, stretch and snorkel classes, bay rafting, Jamaican dance and coral restoration. Those seeking relaxation can sunbathe on the crystalline Low Cay Beach, enjoy a spa treatment at the lagoon-side FieldSpa or join a moon yoga session. Guests can literally kayak down the lagoon to their spa treatment or yoga session! The hotel offers beach-casual dining at the new Le Bar Bizot as well as more upscale offerings at The Gazebo.

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