summer showers

August 16th, 2010

When packing for Santa Fe in the summer most travelers think of sunscreen and sundresses, but this time of year an umbrella is just as important! The summer season is referred to by locals as the “monsoon” season for its daily – albeit normally brief – showers.

Inn on the Alameda’s resident naturalist and concierge shares a little history on these summer storms.

Santa Fe Southern Sky

As the winds shift to the south, they bring with them the tropical moisture from neighboring Mexico which steadily increases humidity over the mountains. By mid-afternoon, the vapor is ready to escape… and here comes the rain!

While the clouds have been known to delay the start of the Santa Fe Opera outdoor performances, the brief showers are more often welcomed as a cool escape from the hot summer sun.

The annual monsoon season is an important part of life in Santa Fe as it provides the vital H2O that nourishes the natural landscape and personal gardens of Southwest residents alike. The mountain heights become lush and fragrant as summer wildflowers bloom and set the stage for glorious autumns of sunflowers, asters, and chamisa.

Inn on the Alameda Porch

Sit under the covered porch looking out onto the courtyard at the Inn on the Alameda, and relax to the sounds of a storm. Then search the sky for the rainbow while enjoying the complimentary wine and cheese from the daily cocktail party.

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