stay beautiful, mom!

April 20th, 2010

For Mother’s Day this year, treat all the mothers in your life to spa products and treatments from ESPA that allow her to maintain her beauty and youth.

Brand-new Mommy

Nourishing Bath Oil

For those ladies who are expecting a baby or not so patiently waiting for their pre-baby body to reappear. 

PRODUCT: ESPA Nourishing Bath and Body Oils contain Vitamin E to reduce stretch marks while still safe to use right on the baby bump during pregnancy.

TREATMENT: Pre- or Post-Natal Treatments are designed to improve the tonicity of skin under stress during pregnancy.

Regenerating Moisture Complex

Middle-Aged Mama

Help Mom care for the wrinkles that YOU caused!

PRODUCT: ESPA CONCEPT Regenerating Moisture Complex is rich in Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, and Vitamin E, ingredients that moisturize stressed, mature skin.

TREATMENT: ESPA De-Stresser Body Massage rubs away tension caused by sky-high cell phone bills and teenage drivers.


Traveler in bag

Working Mom

For the mom who applies mascara while driving and carries band aids in her briefcase.

PRODUCT: ESPA Traveler products are light, plastic, TSA-approved, and, as a bonus for the cost-conscious kid, are less-expensive than standard-sized ESPA products.

TREATMENT: The Ayurvedic-influenced Ama Releasing Abyhanga Treatment is made for those with high levels of stress and poor sleep patterns.  AKA those with children!

Firming Eye Contour Concentrate

Good-Ole Gram

Nana has upgraded from a Chevy to a Cadillac – now upgrade her skincare from drugstore to ESPA.

PRODUCT: ESPA Super Active Firming Eye Contour is a concentrate that visibly reduces wrinkles around the eyes without synthetic ingredients.

TREATMENT: ESPA Regenerating Facial with Firming Eye Treatment focuses on the distressed skin around the eye area while intensely moisturizing skin that may see too much of that hot Florida sun.

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