on a roll with como shambhala’s travel-friendly balms

October 21st, 2009


Our secret to a stress-free lifestyle? COMO Shambhala’s latest additions to their soothing oil collection. The new COMFORT, HARMONY, and CALM Balms come in 5 ml rollerball bottles – perfectly compact to zip through those eagle-eyed security lines at the airport or to tote around during a busy daytime shopping excursion.  Simply rub one of the oils on temples or wrists and welcome instant tranquility and serenity.

- COMFORT Balm unites a warm blend of lavender, nutmeg, and cedarwood to nurture and reassure
- HARMONY Balm mingles the essence of pure Indian sandalwood, lime, and exotic ylang ylang to bring together sensual energy and sensitivity
- CALM Balm relieves anxiety, nervousness, and stress with a powerful combination of lavender and geranium

COMO Shambhala is a lifestyle brand and healthy living concept composed of world class spas, treatments, services, products, and cuisine promoting overall well-being. The COMO Shambhala essential balm collection also includes the PURIFY, INVIGORATE and SHELTER Balms. CALM, COMFORT, and HARMONY will be available for purchase through the COMO Shambhala mail order service starting in January 2010.

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