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September 18th, 2009

Espa Riga Outdoor Vitality Pool 

Latvia – Although economies and consumers continue to feel the pinch of the global recession, ESPA Riga offers a haven for discerning wellness travelers to experience a charming destination and opulent new spa facilities.

At .49 LVL (Latvian Lat) to $1.00 USD, ESPA’s internationally renowned treatments and wellness programs are a fraction of the price of those in the U.S. For example, an ESPA De-Stress Retreat (three hours) at The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, New York costs $585. ESPA Riga offers Day Programs (three hours) for about $327 (160 LVL). An ESPA Men’s Purifying Facial, Shoulder, Neck, and Scalp Massage is $195 at The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, New York and only $112 (55 LVL) in Latvia.

ESPA Riga opened late spring 2009 in an unparalleled six-story spa building. The impressive landmark exterior was originally created by well-known Latvian Architect Konstantins Peksens. Inside, the contemporary spa design showcases ESPA’s signature feature: an uncompromising attention to detail. Inspired by the opposing elements “Fire & Water,” the spa’s palette of deep colors and shimmering details throughout. The stunning six-story spiral staircase, covered in black Cristallino tiles and bordered by a gold mosaic, serves as a focal point of the spa.

The spa’s range of Ayurvedic-influenced treatments use ancient techniques of marma point massage and herbal medicinal oils to treat the body’s Dosha and restore balance to mind, body, and spirit. In addition, ESPA created a selection of highly effective signature treatments specifically for ESPA Riga that includes the use of amber, the precious stone of the Baltic Sea.

Riga is one of the key trading ports of the Baltics and is traditionally known as a trade and business hub between East and West. Leisure travelers enjoy culture, history, breath-taking architecture, and now, world-class spa experiences. As, ESPA’s first stand-alone spa, ESPA Riga is not connected to a hotel, but ESPA’s preferred accommodations are at Reval Hotel Elizabete.

For further information and to purchase products, please visit www.espaonline.com, or call 1877 ESPA USA.

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