meeting martha stewart

June 10th, 2009

Cost of membership to The Royal Oak Foundation?  $55 per individual, $90 for a family. Martha Stewart personally serving  you local hard-boiled eggs on the grounds of her impeccable, self-sufficient farm?  Priceless.


A lucky group of Royal Oakers arrived at Ms. Stewart’s 153-acre farm last Thursday in Westchester County, New York for a garden tour to cap off the Foundation’s Spring 2009 Lecture and Tour series.  To their surprise, Martha herself jumped onboard to lead and film the tour for an episode of The Martha Stewart Show!  The icing on the cake: Martha also blogged about the exciting event, giving a thorough account of the day’s activities, complete with drop-dead gorgeous photography of her property and her special guests.   The filmed segment will air next season; stay tuned and we’ll try to give a heads-up so everyone can set their DVRs!

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