club beats and art treats

May 6th, 2008

With more clubs per capita than any other city in Europe, the new clubbing package at the Eden au Lac in Zurich gives reason to pack your bling when going to Switzerland.  Many of the clubs are in the city’s west end, the former warehouse district which savvy travelers relate to Chelsea in New York.

Hipsters and art world aficionados are flocking to this new capital of European cool.  By day, gallery hop in Switzerland’s art capital, or go straight to the Kunsthaus where you’ll have a roomful of Monet’s waterlilies almost to yourself.  There, feast your eyes on one of the largest collections of Giacometti and Munch around.  And don’t pass by the city’s architectural treasures without a glance, or ten.  Santiago Calatrava, the Spanish starchitect who now resides in Zurich, designed the city’s stunning Stadelhofen railway station and floating Bibliothek at the Zurich University of Law.   

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